"Building Community with Heart"


"I want to continue working for you. With over a decade of applicable experience, plus a term on Town Council, I know what it takes to collaboratively find solutions, navigate complicated issues and get things done."
Fiscal Responsibility

Trophy Club is almost built-out so I believe a focus should be on Fiscal Responsibility, keeping government efficient with our existing tax base.

Along with Council Members, Boards, Sub-Committees and Town Staff, work towards creating and maintaining a fiscally responsible budget.


Believe in being an active citizen... interacting, engaging and participating in our community.

Forge and maintain positive and productive relationships with our residents,  schools, local businesses, neighboring towns and regional partners.

Continue the great work of making our Park and Rec areas the best they can be, as they're one of our most important amenities to be enjoyed by all members of our community, young and old.

Advocate for a Citizen Survey to determine the needs and wants of TC residents.

Support the development of a Civic Center, to include Senior and Recreation Facilities, Community Room and Lending Library.


New Business

Continue securing the best possible tenants for Trophy Wood, alongside Breadwinners and HG SPLY CO, in order to bring in the highest revenue to Trophy Club.


Maximize development opportunities to grow our sales tax base, since we have a very limited amount of remaining commercially zoned real estate.


My goal has been, and will be, to have Council, Boards and Commissions comprised of independent voices who put personal feelings aside and instead, put the wants and needs of constituents, first...ahead of ourselves, our friendships and our business partners.

During my time on Council, I have had positive and mutually respectful working relationships with the Mayor and Town Staff while striving for decorum, respect and constructive dialogue with my Council colleagues.

Ensure that we are continuously improving the quality of customer service residents experience when they interact with the Town.

Our First Responders not only have my full support, but my admiration and gratitude.

Continue positive and productive relationships with our local nonprofit organizations in order to benefit our Town, its families and beyond.

Work with the MUD, with direction from an industry expert, in order to determine short and long term plans, options and impacts of dissolution, absorption or other solutions.

Diligently and respectfully work with residents, businesses, schools and government officials to make Trophy Club the best it can be and a Great Place to Call Home.


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